On Reiki…

  • I came to Sarah with quite a list of physical and emotional issues. I’ve found the sessions I have had with her over the last few months hugely beneficial. I’ve had significant relief from back pain and from anxiety and panic attacks. It’s been a transformational experience and one I’m very thankful for.

    Sarah, London

  • I came to see Sarah for Reiki after months of stress. I’d been feeling mixed up and paralyzed, unable to make any decisions… By the end of the session, the sense of oppression had lifted… My mind felt clearer, and I was able to start planning my next steps… I also got the job I was hoping for!

    Nora, London

  • Sarah’s practice is gentle and powerful. She is highly empathic and tuned in to others, and she makes you feel at ease… I went away with clarity on the relationship issue I had brought and a vastly different perspective on it. I also left with a deep sense of calm and feeling of being heard on a soul level. Thank you Sarah.

    Sara, London

On Waterflow Therapy . . . .

  • I was slightly sceptical about Waterflow Therapy, but was proven wrong. I was fascinated to learn the science behind it: that our cells are mostly composed of water, which is why its movement is linked to our emotions and can help us release and change them. I also found my water-paint work, without my doing any talking, revealed to me very quickly the patterns that were holding me back, such as playing safe and over thinking about issues. Sarah was able to gently guide me to make small but powerful changes to how I was working so that I found myself letting go and creating something even more beautiful. I saw I needed to trust myself to let go more – something I actually started to do by the end of the one-hour session.

    Sophie, London

  • It was a totally wonderful experience from start to finish. Everything was sensitively judged and in perfect balance. Being barefoot… working individually and yet as part of a shared space on a shared mat.. . the simplicity of our goals and rules… Sarah’s gentle and wise guidance to help us unblock ourselves… All of these things helped coax my inner child out to play. I left the session feeling lighter and freer, the world’s colours appearing brighter. I would recommend a Waterflow therapy session to anyone who is at all curious. If something about it is calling to you then it’s an experience your hidden self would cherish. Thank you, Sarah!

    Yasemin, London

  • I have been absolutely blown away by the profound impact doing this has had on me… I’ve discovered a new form of self-expression and a way to reflect on both my internal and external worlds…I warmly recommend these sessions to anyone ready to dive deep into their inner world, to achieve more harmony, peace and love within.

    Barbara, London

On ThetaHealing . . . .

  • I came to see Sarah in London for ThetaHealing after a couple of years of struggling with a very painful knee, which had started to cause me other physical problems too (nothing seemed to make it better). A month after the ThetaHealing session, my knee is now almost totally better. ThetaHealing helped me understand why I was holding onto the pain. Sarah’s insight into why I was holding onto my fear and negative emotions gave me the key to letting go and moving forwards. Sarah has an amazing ability to intuitively focus and to see what is going on and holding one back in developing and changing vital areas of one’s life. Now my knee is fixed, I want to fix the other broken parts of my life – I’m coming back for more!

    Zoe, London

  • I recently tried Thetahealing with Sarah, and I found the process to be incredibly insightful and enlightening. In this gentle environment, I was helped to let go of some deep-seated restricting beliefs. I found Theta Healing to be a wonderful healing process that encourages you to explore unconscious beliefs and let them go in a safe gentle environment. I highly recommend this if you want to take a step towards breaking old habits and starting new ones.

    Marina, London